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Public and Agency Resources

Stakeholder involvement is an important part of the relicensing process. Meetings for local, state, and federal regulatory agencies as well as interested members of the public will be held throughout the process.

Public Involvement

A series of public meetings will be held throughout the relicensing process to update the public on the process, answer questions, and provide opportunities to submit comments.

Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations

Many federal and state agencies have jurisdiction over issues that will be addressed as part of the relicensing process. Identifying the issues, deciding how to study and evaluate them, and reaching agreement on how to address them involves building consensus among many parties.


In addition, as issues are identified during the relicensing process, workgroups may be established to discuss and resolve specific issues. Workgroups have been established for Water Rights and Recreation/Land Use/Aesthetics. Additional workgroups may be formed as issues are identified. If you are interested in joining a workgroup, please Contact Us.


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