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The Loup River Hydroelectric Project

Monroe PowerhouseThe Loup River Hydroelectric Project uses the power of flowing water to generate electricity.  The Project begins at the Headworks Diversion Structure where water is diverted from the Loup River into the Loup Power Canal.  Water then flows to the Monroe Powerhouse.  The Monroe Powerhouse is a run-of-river plant, generating power at the rate the water arrives without any water storage.  From there, water flows into Lake Babcock and Lake North.  Water is stored in the lakes for daily power production at the Columbus Powerhouse.  Storage allows for hydrocycling or peaking, so that the Columbus Powerhouse can generate energy to meet demand.  After passing through the Columbus Powerhouse, the water then flows through the Tailrace Canal and ultimately to the Platte River.

The graphic below highlights the major components of the District's hydroelectric project.

Columbus PowerhouseNot only does the hydroelectric project produce electricity, the canal and lakes also offer numerous recreation opportunities.

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Enlarged photos and descriptions of project facilities.


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